30th July 2020

Screenocean has partnered with one of Asia’s leading news organisations, the South China Morning Post, in an exclusive deal to distribute its visual and archived content across the United Kingdom, Europe, Middle-East, and Africa.   

The South China Morning Post is a leading global news company that has reported on China and Asia for more than a century. Founded in 1903, SCMP is headquartered in Hong Kong, where it is the city’s newspaper of record, with a growing correspondent staff across Asia and the United States. SCMP's vision is to “Elevate Thought” and our mission is to “Lead the global conversation about China”.

The exclusive deal comprises a comprehensive collection of SCMP’s content that includes thousand hours of video footage, infographics, more than 1.2 million photographs and archive media. It covers the recent Covid-19 global outbreak, last year’s Hong Kong Protests, as well as past archived events such as Tiananmen Square, the Hong Kong Handover, the Sino-British Joint Declaration, President Nixon’s first visit to China and the end of Qing Dynasty to name a few. 

Other cultural snapshots such as entertainment, food, travel, and lifestyle are also part of the offering. The collection includes a comprehensive showcase of legendary and contemporary Chinese and Hong Kong celebrities such as Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Anita Mui, Faye Wong, and much more. For more details please visit

Screenocean is very excited to make this collection available to our community, adding to our current and archive news footage collection and widening the range of content available to researchers and producers. For more information please contact