19th May 2020

Screenocean are delighted to announce representation of the Iker San Martin collection.

This is Screenocean's first stock footage collection featuring over 9k high quality and beautifully shot scenics from Iker's travels.

Iker is an independent filmmaker and photographer:

'I think I’ve always been an adventurer. I came to it from a slightly unconventional perspective. I did not go to film school, but I
developed my skills on the road between the adventurous and sport, then unpacked my skills with the camera. I have worked with some very talented people who taught me a lot, but the bottom line is I put my passion to be a competent filmmaker and just went for it.

I love being able to explore these people and places so intimately. My work takes me inside the lives of some of the world’s most fascinating people and is always an adventure.

Advertisements for brands, series for television, advertising sports, documentary films are parts of my latest work.' - Iker San Marin

For more information please contact info@screenocean.com